Our team works closely with each airline to develop a customized strategy that meets their specific needs and objectives

AviationPros, Inc understands the specific of the Japanese aviation market and has developed a range of services that can deliver seamless results across a number of specializations. We are able to provide overall Airline Representation Services in Japan to help airlines with high-level strategic planning, day to day operations, and more.

AviationPros, Inc is backed by a team of dedicated professionals with many decades of proven airline and GSA business experience. This allows us to have a thorough understanding of our clients individuality and maximize their opportunities in Japanese market.

AviationPros, Inc has the necessary market knowledge and experience to position and grow our partner airlines’ share across all relevant market segments. In Japan, travel agencies (including OTA) still account for 70~80% of international air tickets sales. With about 35 years of experience in the industry we have a large network of travel agencies from major companies to OTAs. Our personal relationships with travel agencies as well as experience will have a major impact on sales growth. In addition to travel agencies, we have connections with airports, government offices and other related organizations.